Zine Release: Depression and Desire (With Bonus Old Zine)

Depression Zine Witch of Endor Piece

Link: Depression and Desire

This zine is concerned with exactly what it sounds like. It contains several pieces of digital art and three main parts. First, there is a sympathetic reading of the story of Saul and the Witch of Endor from the perspective of someone with anxiety and depression. Second, I included a piece on the problems of living with depression in a land and in a space that is also afflicted, especially focusing on environmental damage and the stress that it can cause. Finally, there is a two-page microfiction about angel-capturing monks and their ability to change the world around them.



I am horrified of ruins

Bonus Link: Plunge: An Agender Life

Mostly a series of discussions of issues related to (lack of) gender, visibility, and other issues to do with my own queerness. Also includes a great number of art pieces and a few essays.


I hope that you enjoy them and get a lot out of them.

Opening Salvo: MGMT Week


Mr. Harold Zo: Don’t forget about us! With all this postmodernist hoopla about revelations and oneness and singularity and whatnot, let’s not forget the cleansing spiritual power of some good old rock and roll.

Quivver: Let’s keep this one short, eh, Harold? Just tell the people what they want to hear. See the picture up there? They already know that it’s MGMT week. What they want now is sex. Sex and fireworks. Light up the night, Harry!

Mr. Harold Zo: As my bandmate says, this blog is ours again. Alexius and the editor are away, so the rockers will play. And we will be playing with a fixture of the contemporary rock scene, MGMT.

Quake: Are you guys done in there yet? I need the studio. I found a sick drum break that you guys are going to love.

Mr. Harold Zo: Everyone is so excitable today! Let me lay out the schedule.

  • Monday: Discussion of the critical noise around their new single “Alien Days.”
  • Tuesday: A short review of the song.
  • Wednesday: A review of Oracular Spectacular
  • Thursday: Some microfiction written in response to the song “Siberian Breaks”
  • Friday: A review of Congratulations

Saturday: A reflection on the critical reception of Congratulations and maybe a word or two on the place of psychedelia in contemporary music.